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Cold weather has an upside, if you’re a grey wolf or whitefish

Frigid Torontonians cheered the return of slightly less terrible weather Thursday. But January’s dispiriting cold had an ecological upside, and some people — lovers of a beleaguered wolf population, haters of an invasive pest and anyone who likes whitefish — were deeply appreciative of the deep freeze and perhaps even hopeful for more. Continue reading

Mystery solved: 3 wolves drowned in old mine shaft at Isle Royale National Park

During their 2012 Winter Study, Michigan Technological University population biologist John Vucetich and wildlife ecologist Rolf Peterson started wondering where the wolves of Isle Royale National Park had gone. They only found nine wolves, and as far as they could tell, only one was a female. They expressed serious concern that the wolves of Isle Royale might be well on their way to extinction. Continue reading

Newcomer wolf migrated to take over island pack

[large thumbnail url=”newcomer-wolf-migrated-to-take-over-island-pack” filename=”science” year=”2011″ month=”03″ day=”30″] [thumbnail icon url=”newcomer-wolf-migrated-to-take-over-island-pack” filename=”science” year=”2011″ month=”03″ day=”30″] There’s a new kid in town — or at least there was — among the long-studied wolves of Lake Superior’s Isle Royal, where biologist called him “The Old, Gray Guy.”

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Isle Royale wolves declining while moose hold steady

[large thumbnail url=”isle-royale-wolves-declining-while-moose-hold-steady” filename=”science” year=”2010″ month=”04″ day=”26″] [thumbnail icon url=”isle-royale-wolves-declining-while-moose-hold-steady” filename=”science” year=”2010″ month=”04″ day=”26″] While both wolves and moose have been struggling in recent times on Isle Royale, home of the longest study of it’s kind, it is wolves who are faring the worst, while moose seem to be holding steady.

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Study: Wolves and Moose improve biodiversity

[thumbnail icon url=”study-wolves-moose-improve-biodiversity” filename=”science” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”03″] A new study from the long running Isle Royale National Park research team shows a surprising, but intriguing connection between the predator-prey relationship on the island, and the surrounding ecosystem.

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Long running Isle Royale study reveals disturbing news

[thumbnail icon url=”Long-running-Isle-Royale-study-reveals-disturbing-news” filename=”science” year=”2009″ month=”10″ day=”28″] Tom Meersman, of the Star Tribune – out of Minneapolis-St. Paul – delves into the research of Rolf Peterson and associates in the longest running prey-predator study in the world.

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