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Combining two sperm donors at Brookfield Zoo, cutting-edge science and nature’s tried-and-true reproductive methods, zoologists are fighting to save the wolves. Read more »

Montana’s wolf population is holding steady, only increasing by two over 2012 numbers, but live stock predations drop by more than 25 percent over the same time period. Read more »

PHOENIX — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department released a pair of Mexican wolves Thursday and plan to release another pair next week into the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area of Arizona. Read more »

Today, even while the US Fish & Wildlife Service is trying to delist wolves from endangered status in the Lower-48 states, the agency posted its decision that an Endangered Species Act (ESA)
listing “may be warranted” for a wolf subspecies that has never been protected — the Alexander Archipelago wolf. Read more »

ANCHORAGE, Alaska- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago wolves may need protection under the Endangered Species Act because of unsustainable logging in the Tongass National Forest and elsewhere in southeast Alaska. The agency will now conduct an in-depth status review of this rare subspecies of gray wolf, which lives only in the region’s old-growth forests.  Read more »

A musician named “Ratty” reached out to HOWLColorado asking us to post this music video…  Read more »

Northwoods Wolf Alliance strongly opposes SF 2256; says the bill is misleading, undermines wolf advocacy and may hinder tribal wolf protection efforts. Read more »

NEWS RELEASE — St. Paul, MN – A new bill which addresses the wolf hunt in Minnesota was approved this afternoon, March 11, by a majority of members on the Minnesota Senate Committee on Environment and Energy. Read more »

Duluth, MN ( – A bill aiming to address the Minnesota wolf hunt, calling for increased data collection while addressing tribal concerns by ending hunting and trapping on tribal lands, is set to be heard at the capitol Tuesday. Read more »

For a field biologist stuck in the city, the wildlife dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History are among New York’s best offerings. One recent Saturday, I paused by the display for elk, an animal I study. Like all the dioramas, this one is a great tribute. Read more »

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington’s wildlife agency reported Saturday that its annual survey tallied 52 endangered gray wolves living in the state at the end of 2013, one more than in 2012. The count’s results come as conservation groups urge the state to pull support from a federal effort to roll back protections for the predators. Read more »

BOISE – A bill asking for $2 million to kill up to 500 of Idaho’s wolves won’t get even half of its requested appropriation, said co-chair of the state’s budget committee. Read more »

The wolf lies on a metal table, its white legs and massive paws hanging over the edge. Kimberlee Beckmen, wildlife veterinarian, wears a white lab coat and purple gloves. Scalpel in hand, she positions herself at the wolf’s belly. Read more »

Frigid Torontonians cheered the return of slightly less terrible weather Thursday. But January’s dispiriting cold had an ecological upside, and some people — lovers of a beleaguered wolf population, haters of an invasive pest and anyone who likes whitefish — were deeply appreciative of the deep freeze and perhaps even hopeful for more. Read more »

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Fewer wolves are being shot or trapped for predator control in Minnesota, wildlife managers told a legislative hearing Tuesday evening as they defended how they’ve handled the resumption of hunting since the predators came off the endangered list two years ago this week. Read more »

ROSSEAU – Caught in a snare, each attempt to escape pushed the dull wire further and further into the soft flesh of her leg. Read more »

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho wildlife managers Monday called off a professional hunter who has been killing wolves inside a federal wilderness area since last year amid an effort by advocates to convince federal courts to halt the hunt. Read more »

POCATELLO, ID — Faced with a looming deadline to defend its actions before a federal appeals court, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) announced this afternoon that it is halting its wolf extermination program in the Middle Fork region of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness as of today. Read more »

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin wolf hunters and trappers went slightly over the quota this season. Read more »

REDDING, Calif. — Based on recent forays into California by a gray wolf known to researchers as OR-7, state wildlife officials believe it is “reasonably forseeable” that wolf packs will one day return to the state. Read more »

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