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Louise Knott Ahern — of Lansing State Journal — puts together a good synopsis of the events that led up to the federal judge’s decision to place Great Lake wolves back on the endangered species list. Read more »

SILVER CITY, N.M.— For the fifth year in a row the number of endangered Mexican gray wolves has increased. There are now 109 individuals, including 53 in New Mexico and 56 in Arizona, compared to 83 a year ago, 80 in 2013, and 67 at the beginning of 2012. The number of breeding pairs also increased to 14, although only eight of these pairs met the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s definitional requirement of producing two pups that survive until the end of the year. Read more »

And… We’re back

February 11th, 2015

As some of you may have noticed, HOWLColorado has been very quiet for a few months.

Read more »

Michigan voters rejected two statewide wolf hunting ballot proposals. Read more »

SHELBYVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) – Voters will tackle the issue of wolf hunting Tuesday. Proposal 14-1 asks voters whether there should be an annual wolf hunting season in Michigan. Read more »

Washington drivers who pay extra for personalized license plates on their vehicles play a big role in managing wolves. Read more »

Time was when deer management had no rival as the most controversial realm of Wisconsin wildlife management. Read more »

The chase is on to identify the “wolflike animal” that’s been spotted multiple times recently near the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. Read more »

John Burch spent 20 years studying a family of 11 wolves. Then one day last winter, the entire pack was shot dead. Read more »

Three years into Wisconsin’s wolf hunting/trapping season, we’ve learned at least three things: It’s mostly a trapping season, it opens too early and it’s a fast-paced competition to get a wolf quickly enough to beat a season closure in four of the six management zones. Read more »

Congressional action appears to offer Wyoming its best chance at regaining state management of wolves, Gov. Matt Mead said Thursday. Read more »

WASHINGTON, D.C.(NY Times) — A federal judge restored Endangered Species Act protection for wolves in Wyoming on Tuesday, ruling that the federal Fish and Wildlife Service accepted a state commitment to maintain the wolf population without requiring adequate safeguards. Read more »

New Rules Expand Area Mexican Wolves Can Roam, But Also Allow Increased Wolf Killing Read more »

We, in the wolf advocacy world, are very familiar with who Toby Bridges is – he’s the founder of the horrifying site: Read more »

The state’s recent decision that there will be no wolf hunt in Michigan this year is getting mixed reactions, despite fear in the Upper Peninsula about the predators. Read more »

On October 1st the wolf bus heads East to New England for our 26th annual wolf education tour. For over 25 years we have offered an education experience with ambassador wolves to millions of people in over 30 states. We continue to be inspired with the return of wild wolves in over thirteen states. Sadly, the reality of politics has overtaken common sense, and many wolves are now being killed for fun – This was not in our plans. Read more »

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — My family lives in Mexican gray wolf country along the banks of the upper Gila River in the Cliff-Gila Valley, three miles from the southern edge of the Gila Wilderness in southwestern New Mexico. We live simply, on a small milk-goat farm, growing most of our own food and selling, what we can, to our neighbors. Read more »

Yawning isn’t a lone wolf phenomenon. New research shows that when one wolf yawns, a packmate often does too. Read more »

LANSING (AP) — Supporters of regulated wolf hunts in Michigan are hoping the state House will allow them to continue while nullifying citizen referendums on the issue scheduled for the November election. Read more »

SPOKANE — One wolf has been killed by a hunter hired by Washington, a state where the animals have been regaining a foothold in recent years after being hunted to extinction in the early 1900s. Read more »

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