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Arizona Game and Fish Endorses Plan to Ramp Up Killing of Endangered Wolves

PHOENIX— The Arizona Game and Fish Commission unanimously endorsed a plan this week that will make it vastly easier to kill endangered Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico and arbitrarily caps the number of wolves in both states at 300, allowing for a number as low as 125. Significantly, the commission also recommends that management of wolves be taken away from the federal government, where it has been since passage of the federal Endangered Species Act, and given to the state, which has long been hostile to wolves. Continue reading

Rare Alaskan wolf being considered for addition to the ESA

Today, even while the US Fish & Wildlife Service is trying to delist wolves from endangered status in the Lower-48 states, the agency posted its decision that an Endangered Species Act (ESA)
listing “may be warranted” for a wolf subspecies that has never been protected — the Alexander Archipelago wolf. Continue reading

(PRESS RELEASE) Rare Alaskan Wolf Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection

ANCHORAGE, Alaska- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago wolves may need protection under the Endangered Species Act because of unsustainable logging in the Tongass National Forest and elsewhere in southeast Alaska. The agency will now conduct an in-depth status review of this rare subspecies of gray wolf, which lives only in the region’s old-growth forests.  Continue reading

Editorial: Open season on wolves

In Montana and Idaho in 2009, gray wolves were prematurely removed from the federal endangered species list. The decision left these magnificent predators subject to state management plans that were crafted to satisfy hunters and ranchers rather than to protect wolves. Continue reading

Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Rare Alaskan Wolf

[large thumbnail url=”endangered-species-act-protection-sought-for-rare-alaskan-wolf” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”08″ day=”12″] [thumbnail icon url=”endangered-species-act-protection-sought-for-rare-alaskan-wolf” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”08″ day=”12″] SITKA, Alaska (Greenpeace) — The Center for Biological Diversity and Greenpeace petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today to give Endangered Species Act protection to the Alexander Archipelago wolf, a rare subspecies of gray wolf found only in the old-growth forests of Southeast Alaska.

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Scientists send strong message to Congress: The ESA is a matter of science, not politics

[large thumbnail url=”scientists-send-strong-message-to-congress-the-esa-is-a-matter-of-science-not-politics” filename=”science” year=”2011″ month=”04″ day=”06″] [thumbnail icon url=”scientists-send-strong-message-to-congress-the-esa-is-a-matter-of-science-not-politics” filename=”science” year=”2011″ month=”04″ day=”06″] According to a story posted on Mexicanwolves.org, 1293 scientists sent a letter to Congress expressing their concern that there are legislative attacks on the Endangered Species Act.

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Idaho’s Lolo wolf plan put on hold

[large thumbnail url=”idahos-lolo-wolf-plan-put-on-hold” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”08″] [thumbnail icon url=”idahos-lolo-wolf-plan-put-on-hold” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”08″] The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have suspended the progress of the Idaho petition to kill more than 40 wolves in the Lolo zone has to undergo a review before any decision will be made.

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