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Editorials published by prominent experts in the field.

Editorial: Public hunt in Sweden sparks international controversy

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-public-hunt-in-sweden-sparks-international-controversy” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”01″ day=”15″] Jess Edberg, Information Services Director for the International Wolf Center, published an article regarding the recent open wolf hunt held in Sweden.

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More than one in seven Idaho wolves killed so far; State’s numbers don’t add up

[large thumbnail url=”montana-extends-public-comment-phase-regarding-wolf-hunts” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”16″] [thumbnail icon url=”more-than-one-in-seven-idaho-wolves-killed-so-far-states-numbers-dont-add-up” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”16″] With 3 months left in the Idaho wolf hunts, stretching in to wolf mating season, a brief examination of the numbers reveal gaping holes in Idaho’s math and highlight a true desire by the state to drive wolf numbers down significantly.

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Lessons from Aldo Leopold’s historic wolf hunt

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-spinning-wolves-in-montana” filename=”editorial” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”13″] James William Gibson, professor of socialogy and author of A Reenchanted World: The Quest for a New Kinship with Nature, wrote an editorial piece for the LA Times.

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Editorial: Spinning Wolves in Montana

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-spinning-wolves-in-montana” filename=”editorial” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”13″] Matt Skoglund, writer for the Natural Resources Defense Council’s BioGems website, wrote an editorial criticizing the positive media spin being applied to the Montana wolf hunt.

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Editorial: Scientifically designed plan needed to recover Arizona’s wolves

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-scientifically-designed-plan-needed-to-recover-arizonas-wolves” filename=”editorial” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”13″] Eva Sargent, of the Defenders of Wildlife, wrote an editorial piece for the Arizona start about the Mexican gray wolf reintroduction.

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No Alaskan Wolf Pups to be Saved this year?

[thumbnail icon url=”no-alaskan-wolf-pups-to-be-saved-this-year” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”01″] Maria Ferguson, of the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, has been involved with an initiative which could place orphaned wolf pups in Alaska at authorized, approved sanctuaries around the country. 

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The Unintended Consequences of Wolf Hunting

In my younger days I worked for the BLM in Boise, Idaho. A new range conservationists, named Daryl, came to the district. On Friday after work, we invited Daryl to a party so he could meet some of the local folks. I was talking to a couple of women when Daryl ambled up to us with a beer in his hand and big smile on his face. I introduced him and he started talking to the ladies

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Wolves don’t belong in the firing line

The day before the first-ever official wolf hunt started in Idaho on Sept. 1, I stood on the sidewalk outside the county courthouse in Sandpoint, watching cars stream into town. As demonstrators on the sidewalk waved placards protesting the hunt, people in those vehicles reacted, and I focused on their hands, counting waves and thumbs-up as being for the wolves, and middle fingers and thumbs-down as against. The results of my hour-long, admittedly crude poll were 128 for the wolves, 14 against. Surprisingly, truck drivers overwhelmingly sided with the demonstrators and against a hunt.

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