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About HOWL

HOWL Colorado is a group of concerned, informed Coloradans who are looking to educate Americans about the plight of the wolf, dispel the myths from hundreds of years of misinformation about these elusive apex predators, and are actively participating in protecting the future of American wolves.

All information we post on this site will be sourced to the appropriate research. Expert opinion will be attributed along with any applicable credentials.

Our political activities will include publishing the positions and statements of locally elected officials on wolf and American wildlife issues, or the lack thereof. Providing contact information for all Colorado-based elected officials (both serving in state and federal legislature). Lobbying locally and nationally elected or appointed officials in regards to their decision making as it relates to state and federal policies about wolves and American wildlife. Providing non-partisan reporting on the positions and statements from perspective electorial candidates regarding wolves and American wildlife. We will comply with all regulations which govern the political activities of 501(c)(3) non-profits as we evaluate our ability to acquire that status.

HOWL Colorado strongly believes the reintroduction of wolves to Colorado is not only viable, but an incredibly beneficial step towards the management and balancing of the state’s wildlife populations. While Colorado has no plans for reintroduction, they have also stated there are no plans to prevent the migration of the wolves from northern states. As we continue to argue for the reintroduction of wolves to the state, we will also include the education of Colorado ranchers and livestock owners in our programs to allow them to better protect themselves against the incredibly rare case of wolves feeding on their animals and the steps to follow to claim the Defenders of Wildlife compensation program.

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