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Durkin: DNR should be making rules on wolf hunting

Three years into Wisconsin’s wolf hunting/trapping season, we’ve learned at least three things: It’s mostly a trapping season, it opens too early and it’s a fast-paced competition to get a wolf quickly enough to beat a season closure in four of the six management zones.

In other words, it’s time for the Legislature to concede it acted hastily when chiseling the season’s framework into stone in 2012, and that the Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Conservation Congress are better equipped to handle those responsibilities through their public-review process. After all, the DNR sets the dates and season lengths for all other hunting, trapping and fishing seasons.

Of Wisconsin’s first three wolf seasons, only the first — 2012 — provided long-term opportunities for hunters and trappers, even though its 116-wolf quota was the lowest of the three seasons. The quotas were 251 in 2013 and 150 this year…

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