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Support Mission: WOLF’s fall tour

On October 1st the wolf bus heads East to New England for our 26th annual wolf education tour. For over 25 years we have offered an education experience with ambassador wolves to millions of people in over 30 states. We continue to be inspired with the return of wild wolves in over thirteen states. Sadly, the reality of politics has overtaken common sense, and many wolves are now being killed for fun – This was not in our plans.
More than ever we are driven to stimulate compassion for humans and animals alike. We avoid the conflict and polarization that results when people try to “win” an argument by teaching direct communication skills. This provides people with the ability to share and learn new ideas. We strive to provide an experience that inspires action. Rally as many people as you can to come support Magpie, Abraham and Zeab on their retirement tour!

We have now reached a point where the demand for wolf education has completely overwhelmed us. We have responded to public expectations for wildlife experiences from coast to coast regularly. Our wolf bus, with over half a million miles on it is ready to be retired. Demands from visitors and volunteers at the sanctuary continue to grow exponentially. Thus, this will be our last “annual” education tour.

In the future we will continue providing wolf programs on an as need basis. This will give our ambassador program room to grow and evolve with the changing times and respond to many worthy events nationwide.

To see our full itinerary click here.

How you can help support the tour
If you would like to help support the Kent, Tracy, and the ambassador wolves then simply attending a program and spreading our message is the greatest help of all! We have also compiled a wishlist of items that would be useful during wolf programs for this tour and future events. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go directly towards helping Mission: Wolf.

  • Portable PA System
  • Digital Video Projector
  • Newer Mac Laptop for power point presentations
  • Handmade wolf keepsakes, to sell at events to raise money
  • Printing Services
  • Go Pro Camera for events
  • Replacement Wolf Bus or RV

Refuge Update
This summer has been incredibly productive for Mission: Wolf, with many ups and downs. A more formal update is in the works, but for now a quick refresher. Since our latest update we have:
Said goodbye to two animals, but gained two new ones (wait for full update to learn more)
Moved 15 animals to new enclosures, and found new partners for others

  • Acquired a brand new meat freezer
  • Acquired a sturdy new tractor that has saved hours of time and money on overall construction projects
  • Refurbished two of our tipis with new covers, thanks to a Rocky Mountain hail storm
  • Provided intimate educational tours to thousands of visitors
  • Provided thousands of hours in volunteer learning experiences to over 30 individual service groups
  • Provided living space and food to a staff of nearly 20
  • Replaced the motor in our veggie truck and got a second town car running on veggie oil
  • Improved our solar electric systems
  • Improved and replaced many parts and tires in the wolf bus for our 2014 education tour
  • Rebuilt the loft roof of the visitor building and stuccoed the outside for fire protection and longevity
  • Developed and implemented custom built fire evacuation crates and protocols
  • Completed foundation and recent cement floor for the new fire evacuation barn
  • Implemented new behavior training to assist with emergency immobilization of our animals
  • Applied new enrichment for the animals at the refuge
  • Installed a new water system that expands over half a mile to get water to the wolves year-round
  • Removed the old staff trailer house
  • Provided opportunities to several videographers to create educational/documentary videos supporting wild wolf recovery
  • Hosted our first ever canine CPR training program
  • Obtained and stored 30 tons of hay with limited vehicles and staff
  • Fed 35 wolves 1,000lbs of meat every week!

We would also like to extend a special thanks to our very own guardian angels, without whom these great advancements would not have been possible. Thank you Jane Cane, Ed Kraynak, and all the amazing people that have provided support over the years!

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