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CWWC wolves receive brief cameo on celebrity chef show

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center wolves get a cameo feature in Fox show “Kitchen Nightmares.”

Chef Gordon Ramsey’s arrival on screen is preceded by about 5 minutes of what is wrong with Mangia Mangia, an embattled Italian eatery, converted from an old fast-food restaurant located in Woodland Park, just a few miles away from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

Before Ramsey hits the screen to fix this struggling business – or at least try to – a panoramic vista of the beautiful Woodland Park area features a voice over and a quick cut to some shots of a few of the howling residents of the sanctuary.

A short primetime appearance for sure, but any exposure for wolves on American TV has to be a good thing, and a quick search for wolf sanctuaries around Woodland Park will certainly return a link to CWWC, so perhaps a few people will learn about this amazing place from curiously investigating the images from the show (there was clearly fencing which tells people these wolves were not wild).

Want to catch the moments of fame for our favorite four-legged film stars? (Na’vi surely is scoffing at such a description – a wolf with true movie heritage)

Check out part one of this two-part episode which aired 4/25/2014 on Fox – (it’s about 4:50 in to the show).

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