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California officials say gray wolves could return in packs

REDDING, Calif. — Based on recent forays into California by a gray wolf known to researchers as OR-7, state wildlife officials believe it is “reasonably forseeable” that wolf packs will one day return to the state.

But since there are no wolves in California, wildlife officials are unsure if there is adequate prey and habitat that would enable wolves to survive, according to a report issued by the state.

”However, the primary threats that will face the gray wolf in California will likely be managing cohabitation with humans where there is fear for personal safety, a threat to personal livelihood, or both; and the availability of suitable habitat and prey,” according to “A Status Review of the Gray Wolf in California.”

The preliminary report was written by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and had been distributed for scientific peer review only, said Adrianna Shea, the California Fish and Game Commission’s deputy executive director…

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