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Colorado wolf sanctuary asks for help after damaging floods

W.O.L.F., located near Fort Collins, which had to deal with 3 damaging floods, is asking supporters and volunteers for help. 

The flood damage – which the sanctuary says will cost them $100,000 to repair – impacted the main road and several of the wolf enclosures.

The sanctuary isn’t just looking for financial support, they are asking for volunteers to come in and help rebuild the road, repair fencing and environmental features, and clear the enclosures of debris.

If you wish to help, please visit the sanctuary’s official website at

Here’s the official statement from that web site:

In June 2012, the High Park Fire devastated Rist Canyon and caused extensive damage to WOLF. A year later we are still struggling to make repairs and replace broken equipment.

Yet, as a result of the High Park Fire, WOLF has suffered additional damage, material loss, debris build-up, and road erosion this year due to flash flooding.

Though the cause of the flash flood is a direct result of the High Park Fire, the insurance company will not cover the costs of repairs. We need your help and support now more than ever!

Ways you can help WOLF:
Monetary donations are critical, not only for the day to day care but also for emergency situations such as the flood and fire.

In-kind items help us to fix and replace damaged items or continue to make improvements to the facility.

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