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Arctic wolf meets 8th-graders in West New York Middle School

At 11 years old and 32 inches tall, the newest teacher at West New York Middle School wowed and fascinated the eighth-grade class yesterday.

Atka, an Arctic gray wolf from the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, N.Y., was the star of an assembly on wolf safety and conservation yesterday morning at the 57th Street school.

The eighth-graders had read Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” last year and “White Fang” this year, both of which feature wolves as the main characters. The visit from Atka served as a way to connect what the students had learned about wolves to life outside the novels…

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Note: There is reference in this story to the wolf as an Arctic gray wolf. It’s a bit redundant to say arctic gray wolf but it isn’t wrong, since the Arctic wolf is a subspecies of what you would traditionally refer to as the gray wolf.

Another thing I see occasionally is reference to the Timber wolf as something different than Canadian wolves (especially by those in the northern Rocky Mountains). Timber wolf is of course just another name for a gray wolf. There are a couple of regional wolves which carry the name Timber. The Eastern Timber Wolf (Eastern wolf) and the Canadian Timber Wolf (Mackenzie Valley wolf). Not related to this story, but the unusual inclusion of the gray part of the Arctic wolf name made me think of it :)

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