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The Wildlife News: What real public information about wolves looks like

This is an excellent source of information that I highly recommend any wolf advocate having in their favorites.

Hard information about wolves or anything else does not come from rants-
Discussion of politics and many other things, including wildlife, seems to have broken down. Instead of discussion, people yell. Instead of facts they tell stories (anecdotes) and cite folklore, urban myths and rural conspiracy theories.

A number soldier on though, citing scientific evidence and even providing footnotes.

Norman Bishop in Bozeman is that kind of person. He’s a retired naturalist from Yellowstone Park with a lifetime of experience there and many other important places in outdoors. He was national park ranger for 36 years. He tells that “I began hunting big game in 1949, and have killed antelope, mule deer, elk, and moose. My sons and grandsons are enthusiastic shooting sports participants.”

Bishop is giving a talk in Bozeman Feb. 11. It’s about what we have learned about wolves. He furnished us with a copy of what he will base his talk on.

Here it is, footnotes and all. It’s the kind of thing a politician would not do. We will use it as a reference.

Ralph Maughan

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