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Movie tells the story of why state-based wolf management will fail

Predator Defense’s movie “The imperiled American Wolf” explains the risk that wolves are facing under state-based management and echoes the warnings of others such as Michael Robinson that the wolves have never been as threatened as they are now.

Wolves were rescued from the brink of extinction over 35 years ago when they gained federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. Today the American wolf is again in grave danger. Since President Obama removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list in April 2011 and turned management of these majestic animals over to state wildlife agencies, 1,700 wolves have been senselessly slaughtered by sport hunters and trappers in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin (see sport kill totals). 1,107 of these wolves were killed during the 2012-13 season alone. This “kill tally” does not include the scores of wolves slaughtered by federal and state predator control programs.

The situation is now dire, as any day now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service intends to remove protections for wolves across nearly the entire country. This would be disastrous for gray wolf recovery.

Our new film, “The Imperiled American Wolf,” explains the reasons wolves cannot be successfully managed by state wildlife agencies: not only do their methods ignore the core biology of how wolves hunt and breed, but their funding depends on hunting and trapping fees. In fact, current wolf management may actually lead to wolves’ demise. Predator Defense and this film make a bold call for federal relisting of these important apex predators as endangered species.

The war being waged against wolves is senseless and tragic, and it is up to all of us to speak out now on their behalf.

Watch the video now, or learn more! 

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