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Wisconsin Judge delays ruling if dogs can be used for wolf hunt

Dane County Judge, Peter Anderson, has delayed a ruling which would have allowed wolf hunters to use dogs, which in effect extends the prohibition of dog use. 

Wolf advocates and humane societies gained a small victory thanks to the arrival of a large winter storm which closed the Madison, Wisconsin courthouse.

The date of the ruling has been pushed back to January 4, 2013 and since Judge Anderson prohibited the use of dogs while he considered his ruling, this means that the ban will remain in place until the decision is made.

A judge has delayed issuing a ruling on whether wolf hunters can use dogs for the remainder of the season due to a fierce snowstorm that has smacked most of the state.

The lawsuit, filed by a group of humane societies, alleged that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources failed in their duty to put in to place restrictions based on training and how dogs can be used – meaning hunters could have used the dogs in any fashion.

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