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Photos of remarkable 165 lb. Wisconsin wolf turn out to be 95 lb. average wolf

From Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News Blog – the continued practice of highly exaggerating wolf size continues unabated, regardless of the fact that each and every time the photos are proven to be staged.

A year ago we wrote the story “Wolf fraud photography.” Hunting seasons this year have continued to produce some photos of wolves that look just huge. A number of photos this year have been of a “giant” wolf killed in the first Wisconsin hunt. The dead wolf poses with the hunter and on top of the deer the hunter shot first, using all tricks of enlargement. And as could expected the giant wolf only weighed 95 pounds, which, of course, makes us realize the buck the wolf rests on top of is smaller than we might have thought too.

The website, Coyotes, Wolves, and Cougars . . . Forever! has the story and the photos.

— Ralph Maughan,

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