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Red Wolf pups make debut

ASHEVILLE — Eight bright little eyes peeked from under a wood shed, while eight furry ears twitched. They teased the human gawkers with a quick flash of reddish brown fur as they dashed from tree to tree.

It was the much-anticipated public debut for the four red wolf pups Thursday at the Western North Carolina Nature Center.

The wolf pups — two brothers and two sisters — were born May 9 at the nature center to resident red wolf Mayo and father Phoenix, and have been kept out of public view since then. But they are now free to roam, run and strut in the red wolf exhibit on full public display.

If they so choose.

“From the time they were born, they knew they were wolves, and not dog puppies,” said nature center animal curator Allison Ballentine. “We handled them on day 2 and got growls. On week 1 we got snarls. On week 2, when I was handling one wolf pup, another puppy snuck up behind me and was growling. Their instincts are strong. Wolves don’t enjoy being around people.”…

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