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Pennsylvania wolf-dog ‘Liberty’ settles into new wolf sanctuary home

LITITZ, Pa. – The wolf-dog met the media Tuesday, panting but content.The animal formerly known as Levi was introduced to the public with a new name – Liberty – to reflect his connection to Philadelphia, where he was loose in Pennypack Park from March until his capture July 3.

That’s his third name in five months; when he was only a ghostly, lurking presence in the park, before anyone knew he was Levi, Liberty was actually called Penny. Life has been changing fast ever since for the young animal, believed to be around 10 months old.

Off dog food these days, Liberty is now eating raw meat, as befits a gray wolf-Malamute hybrid. The belief is, in fact, that he is significantly more wolf than dog – chromosomally connected to legendary moon-howling pack animals who live life on their own terms…

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