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A wolf advocate on the mend…

You may have noticed that HOWLColorado hasn’t updated in the last few weeks. The web wolf, who writes for and updates the HOWLColorado Web site (i.e. me) managed to break not one paw, but BOTH!!!Not at the same moment of course, I allowed a few weeks between each incident to keep things interesting.

I can type quite efficiently with one hand, but I run in to issues with none.

So, to start, I apologize for the lack of updates on this Web site. Wolves are still under the greatest pressures since their human-aided and natural reintroductions of the last few decades.

A Hollywood movie was successful at the box office, while simultaneously demonizing wolves. While moviegoers and critics are rationalizing the plot as a story about the people, and the omnipresent dark threat could have been anything, the fact remains that wolves need PR help, and this movie didn’t help.

More wolves across the nation are at risk than they have been in a century, and they represent a political football for many in this election year.

It’s not all bad news.

Blue Buffalo (my dog food of choice by the way – though Evo is excellent too) is marketing their high protein food using the fact that wolves and dogs are related. Truth is dogs ARE wolves, but the anti-wolf crowd can’t stand this unhelpful fact. So a dog food company is conveniently spending millions telling the US public the truth.

In short, HOWLColorado is back so look for updates over the next few days to get us caught up. Then we will be back to regular updates with the local, national and international wolf news you are looking for.

We are proud to be Colorado’s source of wolf news and appreciate your support during our unexpected hiatus. February 2012 was the second highest traffic month of our history!

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