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Wolf hunt opponents urge boycott of state

About 30 protesters gathered in drizzling rain on the Capitol lawn Friday, calling on Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer to end wolf hunting in Montana and advocating for an economic boycott of tourism here and in Idaho and Wyoming.

The Howl Across America, organized by the international animal advocacy organization Friends of Animals, drew protesters from Montana, the East Coast and the Pacific Northwest.

“Our message is simple, governor,” said Edita Birnkrant, New York director of Friends of Animals, “you have perpetrated a fraud along with Sen. Jon Tester and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks by throwing the fate of wolves to the hunters and cattle ranchers of Montana in an act of shocking corruption. We’re demanding that gray wolves be put back on the Endangered Species List where they belong.”

The Congressional budget rider by Tester delisting wolves from protection under the Endangered Species Act should not have happened, she said…

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Editorial note from HOWLColorado: Jon Tester appears to have gained support of the democratic party to protect his budget rider in hopes that Tester would tow the party line for the upcoming important votes and protect his seat in a traditionally republican state. However, it seems the democratic party allowed the trampling of the ESA for no good reason. Tester voted against party lines with the Jobs Bill – glad to see our wolves were bargained away for nothing. I don’t see much difference between a democrat politician in Montana and a republican one.

Remember, wolves on public land belong to US citizens, which is you and me, not Tester or the hunters, ranchers and outfitters who feel entitled to our land.

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