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PETA to protest Thursday’s arrival of Ringling Bros. in Denver

[large thumbnail url=”peta-to-protest-arrival-of-ringling-bros” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”28″] [thumbnail icon url=”peta-to-protest-arrival-of-ringling-bros” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”28″] PETA has correctly zeroed in on the brutal industry of animal circuses, highlighting Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey for their horrific treatment of elephants after a revealing undercover investigation. The protests continue for more than a week.

Most of the time, HOWLColorado focuses on wolves. Wolves are our passion.

However, I have personally been involved in animal rights for 30 years in multiple countries, and circuses have been part of that for almost as long as I have been an activist.

Here’s the press release from PETA:


Protesters Draw Attention to Ringling’s Violent Treatment of Baby Elephants

A giant inflatable “elephant” will lead PETA members in a protest against the arrival of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on Thursday. The protesters will display signs that read, “This Is Ringling Baby-Elephant Training,” alongside banners emblazoned with compelling photos taken inside Ringling’s training center. The photos expose how baby elephants used by Ringling are stretched out, slammed to the ground, gouged with steel-tipped bullhooks, and shocked with electric prods. These abusive sessions go on for several hours a day in order to force the baby elephants to learn to perform circus tricks out of fear of punishment.

“Denver residents would run screaming from the big top if they knew how baby elephants are violently forced to perform difficult, confusing, and sometimes painful tricks,” says PETA Director Delcianna Winders. “We’re telling parents that if their kids love animals, the last place they should take them is the circus.”

Where: Denver Coliseum, 4600 Humboldt St., Denver (Please meet in front of the coliseum at the corner of 44th Street and Arkins Court on the south side of I-70; see this map.)

For more information, please visit PETA’s website

Dates and times for demonstrations

Thursday, September 29 – Demonstrations from 12pm-1pm; 6pm-7:30pm
Friday, September 30 – Demonstration from 6pm-7:30pm
Saturday, October 1 – Demonstrations from 9:30am-11am; 1:30pm-3pm; 5:30pm-7pm
Sunday, October 2 – Demonstrations from 11:30am-1pm; 3:30pm-5pm
Wednesday, October 5 – Demonstration from 5:30pm-7pm
Thursday, October 6 – Demonstrations from 9:30am-11am; 5:30pm-7pm
Friday, October 7 – Demonstration from 5:30pm-7pm
Saturday, October 8 – Demonstrations from 9:30am-11am; 1:30pm-3pm; 5:30pm-7pm
Sunday, October 9 – Demonstrations from 9:30am-11am; 1:30pm-3pm; 5:30pm-7pm

Personally speaking, there is no animal that looks as sad, and aware of how horrible their situation is, as an elephant. I have seen it up close and in person. The comprehension that elephants seem to exhibit makes their plight even more relateable.

Additionally, while it was not either of the circuses involved in this protest, a circus is one of the only times my activism career involved being attacked by those we were protesting. These particular circus workers had no issue trying to beat people as hard as they were beating their animals.

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