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Michigan republican seeks removal of wolf protections in 48 states

[large thumbnail url=”michigan-republican-seeks-removal-of-wolf-protections-in-48-states” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”05″ day=”13″] [thumbnail icon url=”michigan-republican-seeks-removal-of-wolf-protections-in-48-states” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”05″ day=”13″] Michigan republican representative, Candice Miller, wants wolf protections removed in 48 states.

Miller introduced a bill which would turn over all management of gray wolves to the state wildlife agencies in all states other than Hawai’i and Alaska. Alaska being the only of those two which actually have wolves.

This would include the Great Lakes, Northern Rockies, Washington, Oregon and the rest of the northwest and the southwest, where the Mexican gray wolf is fighting to establish a foothold as part of the struggling reintroduction program in Arizona and New Mexico.

This bill appears oddly timed considering that the Northern Rockies wolves have already lost their protections, along with those in the northwest, and the Obama administration is also positioning to remove protections from the Great lakes wolves also.

Essentially all the bill would accomplish is giving Wyoming the ability to annihilate their wolf population as a “trophy species” in a majority of the state, and put the Mexican gray wolves under state management.

Arizona wildlife managers have said they are dedicated to the success of the Mexican gray wolf program, but Wyoming has a management plan so controversial and poorly figured out that even all the recent attacks on wolves in congress and beyond won’t consider delisting Wyoming wolves.

The justification Miller gives for the aggressive new bill is that environmentalist lawsuits have repeatedly blocked states from keeping wolf numbers under control.

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