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WildEarth Guardians’ rally took a few good strides, but lacked next steps

[large thumbnail url=”wildearth-guardians-rally-took-a-few-good-strides-but-lacked-next-steps” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”12″ day=”01″] [thumbnail icon url=”wildearth-guardians-rally-took-a-few-good-strides-but-lacked-next-steps” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”12″ day=”01″] HOWLColorado’s Director of Communications attended the “Welcome Back Wolves” rally, which was hosted by WildEarth Guardians and the University of Denver School of Environmental Law, held on November 17th.

On November 17th, WildEarth Guardians in conjunction with University of Denver School of Environmental Law hosted a Rally to “Welcome Back Wolves” to Colorado.

Keynote speakers where Michael Harris, DU Law Professor, Dr. Rich Reading, director of Conservation Biology Denver Zoo, Wendy Keefover-Ring with Wild Earth Guardians and Darlene Kobobel of Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center. An excerpt was read from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book “Women who run with the Wolves”.

The event was well attended by approximately two hundred humans, 2 wolves and a wolf-hybrid who snuck in the back door. Cake, Tofu and beverages were served. Co-Sponsors of the event including Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, Colorado Wild, and Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Center for Native Ecosystems and Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center each had tables with wolf & conservation literature available. Disappointedly not all tables were staffed with representatives from the groups.

The subjects of the speeches focused on trophic cascade, the ecology of fear and on why wolves should be reintroduced to Colorado and specifically why they should be reintroduced to RMNP. The crowd was informed about USDA’s Wildlife Services’ assault on mammalian carnivores including graphic slides.

Without a doubt, Ambassador Wolves Timber and Tala from CO Wolf & Wildlife Center was the Rally’s main draw and it appeared that many attendees came specifically for the opportunity to see a live wolf.

As a passionate wolf advocate, I admit that I probably entered the Rally with expectations higher than most but I left feeling frustrated and somewhat disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful that the event took place and appreciate that there are people who are working towards wolf education and conservation.

I was happy to see that children were present and perhaps gaining insight on respect and stewardship of our brethren wildlife.

Already familiar with the benefits wolves have on the landscape, I needed no convincing on “why” wolves should be reintroduced to Colorado; I wanted to know “how” and “when” it was going to get done. I had hoped that representatives from the Colorado Division of Wildlife would be present, because most certainly their cooperation is a necessity to wolves on the ground in in our state.

I had hoped that we would learn more about wolves migrating into the state on their own and perhaps hear about the USFWS’ investigation on the death of 341F.

One speaker said, “Wolves are not political. You can wear a wolf t-shirt to a NASCAR race and people will give you high-fives.” I disagree. After all, if it weren’t for politics, would wolves ever have disappeared from Colorado?

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