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NM resident protests school-sponsored coyote hunt

[large thumbnail url=”nm-resident-protests-school-sponsored-coyote-hunt” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”23″] [thumbnail icon url=”nm-resident-protests-school-sponsored-coyote-hunt” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”23″] In a story which appeared on a community news website for Curry County published a story in which a man, recently moved from Iowa (which they are sure to point out), takes issue with a local school using a coyote hunt to raise money for the girls athletic department.

While this issue has started to become a “them” against “us” battle (whether that is New Mexico vs. Iowa or hunters vs. non-hunters), the basic facts are as follows:

Teams will pay $75 to register, must be under the age of 18, and the team with the highest kill count during the contest (with ties broken by weight) will win some unspecified prize.

The money raised from the event would go towards the school’s funding of their girls athletic program.

The Iowa man, who is – if comments are to be believed – not permitted to have opinions about his new community, is called Cliff Sagnotty.

Sagnotty doesn’t ever profess to be anti-hunting or even against the need to control coyote populations in any statement made for the article, indeed he says he symphathises with the issues related to excessive numbers of coyote. He does, however, question “why is this a form of fun or entertainment or a sport?”

A fair question which goes pretty much unanswered. He also wonders as to how it can be considered a good idea to direct something like this at kids: “why are kids being encouraged to participate in this? What is it teaching our children? Let’s get back to the three “R”‘s”

For our part, at HOWLColorado, do not believe that sports hunting and hunting for competition is in any way ethical. It may be legal, but as the one wise hunter on a hunting blog said – it’s actions and activities like this which cause the public to turn against certain behaviors. If enough disgusting and inexplicable programs are tied to hunters, the public at large will turn on hunting as a whole and it is a valid concern that even the more acceptable forms would suffer as well.

You can read the original article on

You may find it interesting to view blogs such as Field and Stream and read through the comments. They are amazingly hateful and highlight the attitudes of those protecting this behavior. Angry and hate-filled people like to shoot animals for fun – not too surprising, no wonder the Mexican Gray wolf is having such a hard time.

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