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Beers continues unsubstantiated propaganda campaign in Agweek

[large thumbnail url=”beers-continues-unsubstantiated-propaganda-campaign-in-agweek” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”09″ day=”30″] [thumbnail icon url=”beers-continues-unsubstantiated-propaganda-campaign-in-agweek” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”09″ day=”30″] Jim Beers, a well known anti-wolf and anti-government spokesperson, published another article, this time attempting to explain the concerns of unknown “locals” about conspiratorial claims of wolf-related wrong-doings. This one appeared in Agweek.

The first two paragraphs say it all.

EAGAN, Minn. — There is a growing suspicion by rural residents that “pro-wolf” advocates are releasing wolves to supplement and extend the presence and future growth of wolf packs in the lower 48 states. One wolf was killed in Ohio recently, a small pack was killed in Indiana, and a wolf was photographed by a trail camera in Illinois.

Where wolves now occur in the upper Rockies, the Southwest and Southeast, they have been forcibly introduced and militarily protected by federal bureaucrats utilizing federal laws and regulations that they drafted by politicians concerned with their re-election. This has resulted in a spectacular loss of state sovereignty over everything from resident wildlife, hunting programs, ranching and rural economies to federal bureaucrats, a loss of big game populations such as elk, moose and deer to wolves, a loss of livestock from cattle and sheep to llamas and pigs to wolves, and losses of pet dogs, watch dogs, working dogs, sporting dogs and trailing dogs to wolves.

You should certainly read the full article. It’s a fascinating, if convoluted, trip through the mind of a man who is clearly at best “highly distrustful” of his government. At worst, some might say dillusional.

To highlight the dangers of what a man like this says, just look at the ultimate outcome Beers proposes will result if people don’t do what he says.

“Like hostile political entities, either you confront them, or one day, they will be knocking on your door with rifle butts.”

Wow. Scary stuff, huh?

Oh, while I could go through Beers’ article line by line and highlight the various dubious elements, not least that the only person whose opinion is actually stated in this entire article is the only person Beers actually respects and that would be Jim Beers.

However, the immediate thing which jumped out, since HOWLColorado actually followed the story with interest, is the mention of an Ohio wolf being shot. Beers just throws it out there as a fact.

However, read our story from the time: Ohio “wolf” thought to be escaped wolf-hybrid 

I particularly liked that vets and biologists apparantly won’t acknowledge the – you will notice unnamed – diseases which are so deadly.  Beers worked as a biologist. Could he not share with us the names and effects of all these various diseases and state categorically that they are diseases only wolves carry and that they are fully transmittable to humans?

As always, the individuals like Beers, have their own agendas and they have a bad habit of presenting limited information only in a way that supports their position. Unfortunately many who read this article will do so without researching any of the claims made by Beers and as such, the damage is done.

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