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Tribe ready to take on wolf management job, but would prefer not to

[large thumbnail url=”nez-perce-tribe-would-rather-not-own” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”09″ day=”14″] [thumbnail icon url=”nez-perce-tribe-would-rather-not-own” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”09″ day=”14″] The Nez Perce tribe got high marks when they previously managed Idaho’s wolf population, and says they are ready to take on the job again if necessary. However, they would prefer to work with the state rather than take full responsibility for the task.

The Nez Perce Tribe is ready to take over wolf management in Idaho again if it must.

But the tribe hopes that the current collaborative effort continues between the state and the tribe, said Brooklyn Baptiste, chairman of the natural resources subcommittee of the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee.

Gov. Butch Otter told Interior Secretary Ken Salazar last week that state wolf management would end if a new agreement between the federal government and the state is not reached. His chief counsel, David Hensley, said later Otter was not drawing a line in the sand.

The state-federal agreement ran out last March but was largely unnecessary until U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy ruled the 2009 delisting was void and wolves were returned to federal control. However, Baptiste said a separate agreement between the tribe and the state remains in effect, which divides the monitoring of the state’s wolves roughly in half…

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