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Latest science has changed wolf recovery targets

[large thumbnail url=”latest-science-has-changed-wolf-recovery-targets” filename=”science” year=”2010″ month=”05″ day=”06″] [thumbnail icon url=”latest-science-has-changed-wolf-recovery-targets” filename=”science” year=”2010″ month=”05″ day=”06″] Ed Bangs, USFWS wolf recovery coordinator, acknowledged that more recent science has led to a change in the recovery targets for wolves since their reintroduction began in the mid 1990s.

In a phone interview with Cory Hatch (Jackson Hole News & Guide), Ed Bangs talked about the need to have science mandate the recovery goals even if that means moving the goal posts.

The initial goal, which was defined in 1987, set the initial goals to 30 breeding pairs and 300 wolves. Bangs said that that goal was now, with current scientific research, not defensible and that “It’s true, 300 wolves were not enough.”

As it relates to the rhetoric which fixates on the fact that the US Fish and Wildlife Service “promised only 100 wolves per state.” Bangs said “That’s not true. Actually, the recovery goal is a pretty complex thing, and it’s based on the current science.”

While this comment seemed aimed at the anti-wolf special interests he also targeted pro-wolf groups with criticism as well saying that arguing for a higher recovery goal is a moral judgement. The recovery goal should, Bangs said, allow wolves to never be threatened again.

This statement from Bangs comes just weeks before the delisting case goes back before a U.S. District Judge in Montana and during an ongoing case brought by Wyoming to delist wolves in that state.

Hatch also contacted Bob Wharff, the Wyoming Executive Director for Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. Wharff says one big sticking point for his group is that it appears to him that everyone agreed to specific terms as it relates to the wolf reintroduction.

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