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Idaho state biologist talks about wolves

In an article on the Idaho Mountain Express, state biologist and big game manager Jon Rachael says the wolf hunt went well, but also dispels some myths about wolves.

Rachael addressed the fallacies regarding predator impacts on elk populations, and that the reintroduced wolves are the “wrong species for the area” in the article, and also spoke about the controversial wolf hunt which took place in the state starting last year.

As if it knew Idaho’s wolf hunting season had recently come to a close, a gray wolf traipsed out in the open along a south-facing hillside in Greenhorn Gulch on Saturday, in close proximity to both the road and a herd of elk.

The elk continued grazing, seemingly undaunted as the wolf strolled lazily through the sage, its attention less on its prey than the group of people a few hundred yards away…

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