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My life as a wolf: Book narrates tale of man’s life with wolves

Excerpts have been published in an English newspaper from a book by British naturalist Shaun Ellis which documents two years of his life spent in the Rocky Mountains bonding with a wolf pack.

Ellis, whose book The Man Who Lives With Wolves can be purchased from Amazon or other retailers, has allowed excerpts of the book have been published in the Daily Mail, an English newspaper.

 Ellis formed a relationship with Levi Holt, who runs the Wolf Research Center in Idaho, and used that facility as his base of operation.

While fascinating and enlightening to wolf advocates, this book, and the associated documentary is likely to do little to convince wolf opponents of anything – except that this man is in their mind certifiable. As it is, it stands as a compelling and interesting anecdote which seems to support the most commonly held perceptions of those who support wolves.

This experiment continues to least to drive forward investigations into questions of why humans and wolves bonded enough to allow for domestication.

Here are some paragraphs from the soon-to-be published book:

The huge wolf’s fangs hovered over my neck. I was frozen to the spot, waiting for his jaw to clamp around my throat – and bring instant death.

It didn’t happen. Instead, the young male with him gave me a gentler nip on my knee while the older male knocked me over. As I fell, I put a hand out to steady myself and found it resting on the pup’s shoulder.

He didn’t pull away. In that split second, I was overcome by an incredible surge of love for this creature and his family, and an overpowering need to be part of it.

I had been alone in the Rocky Mountains for ten months, searching for wolves to befriend. Being close to the creatures was not new to me. I’d infiltrated captive packs at Dartmoor Wildlife Park in England and at a wolf research centre in the American state of Idaho.

By staying with them in their enclosures, I learned about their body language, what their howls and whines meant, their smells and pack hierarchy. To become part of a wolf family, you must fit into their social order, rather than trying to rule it.

That means showing you come in peace by exposing your vulnerable throat area to them, as I had done with the big black male. Wolves have the power to kill but, unlike humans, they only use it when they must…

Read the entire excerpt : My life as a wolf, by British naturalist who dared to infiltrate a pack in the wilderness

The book is available here: The Man Who Lives with Wolves

And also an National Geographic DVD: A Man Among Wolves

HOWLColorado doesn’t endorse the opinions, actions or findings of Shaun Ellis. There is a lack of scientific documentation which leaves many questions about the behavior he mentions. This is a recollective recounting of an experience and – in our opinion – should be considered as such and we strongly recommend people read the book and draw their own conclusions. HOWLColorado plans to contact Mr. Ellis directly and ask him if he would be willing to give us an interview where we can ask him questions regarding his experience.

We also don’t agree with the statements regarding wolves, dogs and wolf-dogs. As we believe that no wolf-dog should be considered a suitable pet or training tool unless done so within the confines of an educational facility such as a sanctuary.

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