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Imnaha Wolf pack confirmed in Wallowa County, Oregon

[thumbnail icon url=”imnaha-wolf-pack-confirmed-in-wallowa-county-oregon” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”24″] According to Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife biology Pat Matthews a wolf pack composed of 10 wolves are now confirmed to be residing in Wallowa County.

Not only did Matthews visually confirm the report, but also captured the Imnaha pack on video.

According to ODF&W Wolf Management Plan director Russ Morgan, the pack has an estimated territory of 100 square miles and ranges from Little Sheep Creek, across Big Sheep to Duck Lake and Fish Lake, south of the Imnaha.

The Alpha female, an Idaho wolf tagged as B300, was recollared by ODF&W on July 17, 2009 – the first reports of the pack. US Fish and Wildlife also received reports of three pups, which ODF&W later confirmed. 

Ranchers are fearful and complained of a higher than average number of dry cows in their herds. There is no way to confirm whether this has any connection to wolf depredation – though healthy natural prey populations in the area would make this unlikely.

Additionally, one of the benefits of tracking a wolf, such as B300, is that their predatory preferences are easier to determine, and she has never been connected to the killing of livestock. Her pack and puppies would not learn the behavior from her. There has been some livestock killing in Oregon associated to wolves. Two young wolves were killed in September after being linked to the predations of 27 sheep, a calf and a goat in the spring of this year.   

ODF&W is planning to activate portions of the Oregon Wolf Plan. This involves getting a confirmed pup count and tagging an adult with a GPS collar.

Watch the Imnaha Wolf Pack video shot by Oregon biologist Pat Matthews.

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