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Yellowstone National Park’s Cottonwood wolf pack is gone

HOWLColorado : News A brutal news day for wolves. Haber’s death is confirmed and one of the most popular wolf packs in Yellowstone National Park has been annihilated. More than 60 wolves are now dead very early in this hunting season.

Kathie Lynch reports the following:

Yellowstone National Park’s Cottonwood wolf pack is gone. The graying-black seven-year-old alpha female (527F), the jet black four-year-old beta female (716F) and at least two others (adults or pups?) were all recently reported killed outside of the Park boundary in the Montana wolf hunt. For all who study, advocate for and have worked tirelessly to restore grey wolves to their keystone species role in nature, the loss is profound.

The death of wolves like 527F and 716F is a great loss, not only for the Cottonwood pack, but also for science. Researchers have spent countless hours, days, weeks and years recording observations of their behavior, habits and genealogy. The value of such long-term data is immense.

Because they are so highly visible, the Yellowstone wolves have contributed mightily to our understanding of the species. Peering through the window of a spotting scope or binoculars, we have come to better understand the daunting challenges of living life in the wild and the importance of preserving wilderness. Over the years, thousands of park visitors have had a chance to share in the challenges of life in the wild for 527F and 716F.

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In response to this news, Defenders of Wildlife reinforced their national petition campaign:

Crucial Crossroads for Greater Yellowstone Wolves

More than 60 wolves have already been killed in the Greater Yellowstone and northern Rockies region since wolf hunts began in Idaho and Montana, including all of the adult wolves of the Cottonwood Pack — one of Yellowstone’s most popular wolf families.

Please sign our petition to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, urging him to withdraw his flawed delisting rule that prematurely removed vital protections for wolves in the northern Rockies region — before a lasting wolf recovery slips from our grasp.

PLEASE, take action – sign the petition NOW!

3 Responses to “Yellowstone National Park’s Cottonwood wolf pack is gone”

  1. Eric

    This is disgusting, I can not believe some of our fellow ‘humans’ insist on shooting these noble creatures.

    BTW, I saw your billboard in Colorado Springs which made me sign up for this site!

  2. diana

    this was uncalled for. why can’t we choose who to destroy in our government the way they want to destroy our precious wildlife. there was no reason for this other than they were just killed because it was something to kill. why can’t we have open season on the hunters themselves……….

  3. Shadow Wolf

    Timber Wolf

    There is a critter living in the woods and mountainside.
    Of strangers he is wary, from the unknown he may hide.
    Though his realm grows ever smaller, he patrols it still with pride,
    ‘neath the bright moon, padding softly with his shadow by his side.
    When the sun dips into twilight the regal wolf doth give voice,
    through the darkness to the night sky, where the silver stars shine bright.

    copyright 2008 kathy pippig

    Adapted and submitted here in honor of the Cottonwood Pack — A painful loss of a precious gift, a beautiful wolf pack, reintroduced to the Yellowstone Park and brutally murdered in the autumn of 2009.

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