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Fund will help ranchers deal with Mexican wolves

HOWLColorado : News The Associated Press is reporting that a deal has been struck to set up a trust fund to help ranchers deal with interactions with the highly endangered Mexican wolf.


Mexican Wolf

Mexican Wolf

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Federal wildlife officials and the National Fish and Wildlife Federation have signed an agreement establishing a trust fund to help ranchers deal with the impacts of endangered wolves that have been reintroduced in the Southwest.

The Mexican Wolf Interdiction Trust Fund, announced Tuesday, aims to alleviate some of the bitter feelings that have been brewing among ranchers and environmentalists since the endangered Mexican gray wolf returned to the region more than a decade ago.

Ranchers have long complained about wolves feeding on their cattle and threatening their livelihood, while environmentalists have criticized ranchers’ grazing practices and the federal government’s management of wolf recovery efforts.

“I am confident the interdiction program will not only advance wolf conservation by addressing the economic impacts of our Mexican wolf reintroduction efforts, it will also improve and conserve Arizona’s and New Mexico’s unique and important landscape and land use practices,” Benjamin Tuggle, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southwest region director, said in a written statement… [read the full article…]

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