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Keeping wolves out of harm’s way

HOWLColorado : ScienceDefenders of Wildlife offer a unique, and very valuable service. They work with ranchers, biologists and Federal land managers where it matters; The interaction points between human and wolf. The following video shows how Defenders of Wildlife is working on non-lethal ways to keep wolves away from livestock and support a peaceful co-existance. Visit the special site, http://www.savewolves.org/donate to help with this worthwhile approach to wolf conservation.

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Defenders of Wildlife ad with Ashley Judd

HOWLColorado.org believes that the below video, while graphic, highlighted an important topic. We will work tirelessly to stop the programs which are neither scientifically supportable or a humane, ethical form of wildlife management. However, the video is highly graphic and emotionally charged. We provide this video link for your information, but ask that you pay attention to the underlying message. You can learn more about this video at http://www.eyeonpalin.org

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