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Editorial: Red wolf debacle shows US Fish and Wildlife Service missing spine

The meme spreading around social media this week of President Barack Obama defiantly standing on a doorstep while holding a bald eagle is pretty awesome, but for those of us in the wildlife conservation world, it is also rather ironic, given the way the Obama administration has been retreating from endangered species conservation in recent years. Continue reading

Editorial: Game board unfairly takes aim at gray wolf protector

Playing tit for tat with an endangered species is not only unproductive; it’s petty. Yet that appears to be what the New Mexico Game Commission did last week when it declined to renew a permit that had been in place for 17 years allowing Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch in the Gila mountains to assist the federal Mexican gray wolf recovery program. Continue reading

Call of the wild – The Wolf Returns

IN AUGUST 2011 Desiree Versteeg, a Dutch mortuarist, was driving home in the suburbs of Arnhem in the eastern Netherlands when she saw an animal in the road. “At first I thought it was a dog. Then I thought it was a fox. Then—I couldn’t believe my eyes—I saw it was a wolf.” She got out of the car to take a picture. “I was seven or eight metres away from him. He couldn’t get away because a fence was blocking his path. He turned and stared at me. That was a frightening moment.” Both she and the wolf fled. Continue reading

Editorial: Open season on wolves

In Montana and Idaho in 2009, gray wolves were prematurely removed from the federal endangered species list. The decision left these magnificent predators subject to state management plans that were crafted to satisfy hunters and ranchers rather than to protect wolves. Continue reading

Editorial: Endangered wolf needs protection instead of bullets

For eons, gray wolves roamed the northern stretches of the United States. When Europeans settled here, they systematically hunted them down until the species was perilously close to extinction. Like the grizzly bear that adorns our state flag, gray wolves were erased from every corner of California. Continue reading

Oregon’s wolf population: Agency puts politics ahead of conservation

[large thumbnail url=”oregons-wolf-population-agency-puts-politics-ahead-of-conservation” filename=”editorial” year=”2011″ month=”10″ day=”03″] [thumbnail icon url=”oregons-wolf-population-agency-puts-politics-ahead-of-conservation” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”10″ day=”03″] In The Oregonian’s Sept. 27 editorial “Howls aside, stick to the wolf plan,” the editors supported the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s decision to kill two of the four surviving wolves of the Imnaha Pack, arguing that if no one is happy, it must be the right call.

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New York Times Editorial: Way of the Wolf in Wyoming

[large thumbnail url=”new-york-times-editorial-way-of-the-wolf-in-wyoming” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”23″] [thumbnail icon url=”new-york-times-editorial-way-of-the-wolf-in-wyoming” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”23″] Wolves remain on the endangered species list in one state: Wyoming. That protection is about to go away after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar cut a bad deal with Wyoming’s governor, Matt Mead, to turn wolf management over to the state.

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Washington has no place in wildlife management

[large thumbnail url=”washington-has-no-place-in-wildlife-management” filename=”editorial” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”09″] [thumbnail icon url=”washington-has-no-place-in-wildlife-management” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”09″] This editorial, written by Andy Snyder, appeared in the York Dispatch.

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