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Western environmental groups say they’re alarmed that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering a plan to end federal protections for gray wolves in vast areas where the animals no longer exist. Read more »

No wolf pups were counted on Isle Royale this winter, leading biologists to question whether inbreeding in the small population is affecting reproduction. Read more »

LANSING, MI – A coalition including The Humane Society of the United States says it has gathered enough voter signatures to put any potential plans for a wolf hunting season in Michigan on hold. Read more »

BOISE — Two bills that would make more money available to control wolves and compensate producers in Idaho who have lost cattle to the predators are moving through the Idaho Legislature.
One is on the verge of passing while the other is under the gun with the session set to end March 29. Read more »

More than 70 lawmakers are asking the Obama administration to take the gray wolf off the endangered species list. Read more »

Among the many wolf sightings reported in the region, some are more credible than others, including the black wolf wearing a radio collar and running with another wolf west of St. John, Wash., in recent months. Read more »

We always feel our visitors should know what the special interests opposed to wolf reintroduction are saying – towards that effort, here’s an editorial posted on in response to an article which appeared in the Arizona Republic newspaper. Read more »

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — The gray wolves in Isle Royale National Park in northern Michigan are increasingly threatened, scientists said Monday, with no pups spotted during the past year and concern growing that the animals may have stopped reproducing. Read more »

SACRAMENTO— As the California legislature begins considering Assembly Member Anthony Rendon’s bill mandating use of nonlead ammunition for all hunting in California, a new national poll has found that 57 percent of Americans support requiring the use of nontoxic bullets for hunting. The poll, commissioned by the Center for Biological Diversity, also found that more Americans support a ban on lead ammunition than oppose it and that a majority of voters think Republicans in Congress should work with Democrats to ban lead in ammunition. Read more »

Wisconsin’s method of estimating its wolf population is similar to Minnesota’s. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources uses a combination of aerial surveys and ground sightings of wolves and wolf tracks to estimate the population. Read more »

It’s a daunting assignment for a wildlife biologist: Count one of the most elusive creatures that roam the north woods. Read more »

Minnesota and Wisconsin estimate their wolf populations during mid-winter, when the populations are typically at their lowest. Here’s what happens through the year after that, using Minnesota’s estimated 3,000 wolves as an example. Read more »

OLYMPIA, Wash.— Just as Washington’s wolf population is making a historic comeback, senators in the Washington legislature have passed one of several bills pending that aim to gut key portions of the state’s wolf conservation and management plan, expanding when and how wolves can be killed. Read more »

The Falkland Islands wolf, long extinct, is the only land-based mammal native to the islands. European explorers in the 17th century were puzzled by the presence of this lone mammalian species, as was Charles Darwin. Read more »

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is hosting a series of public meetings in March to provide information to the public and answer questions regarding wolf management and the possibility of a future wolf hunting season. Read more »

Despite the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife shooting of seven wolves last summer because they were killing cattle, the state’s population is burgeoning, a new survey shows. Read more »

JOSEPH — A young, female gray wolf in northeastern Oregon’s Wallowa County has a sore paw and a new radio collar after being caught in a trap. Read more »

This week marks the conclusion of the highly contentious yet most productive gray wolf hunting season in Montana. Read more »

Project: WOLF is an initiative that targets Yellowstone National Park visitors by erecting billboards on major approaches and pulls no punches with their message. Read more »

The next time you visit Yellowstone National Park and manage to snap a great wolf photo, you could also be helping researchers as they monitor everything from infectious diseases to breeding habits among the elusive animals. Read more »

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