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The only way to know if a howl has been heard is when someone answers.

Our goal is to have an affiliate and partner site in every state, and hopefully outside the borders of the USA as well. If you would like to establish a HOWL site for your state, contact us at [email protected]. See the information at the bottom of this page to learn more about what is involved in being an affiliate. If you have an existing site for your state, or country, contact us at the same email address to become a HOWL network partner.

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[p] = partner – [a] = affiliate

Becoming an affiliate

You may have noticed that the HOWLcolorado site does not ask for money. It is funded exclusively by the group who runs it. When fund raising becomes part of our goals, every dollar will be publically tracked and accounted for. As part of this strategy, any individual who wishes to establish a HOWL network site in their state must fund the hosting, and additional set up costs themselves.

Costs: The estimated annual costs will be variable, but approximately $100. We ask for no money from you. The domain name you buy and the hosting you use is your responsibility and you can make decisions regarding the budgeting for those costs. We ask you maintain a minimum level of service which is PHP or, on a windows platform and that you own the .com and .org version of your domain name.

Resources: You, as a founder, if you wish to use our model, would be provided with a launch kit which includes the HOWL wordpress theme, logo, best practices, evergreen start up content, recommended plug-ins for wordpress, and simple instructions for our hosting vendor. If we get enough sites hosted at the same vendor, we hope to get a global discount.  This would require you to use a host capable of using the latest version of WordPress.

You would receive content from HOWLColorado in a syndicated fashion.

Expectations: You will maintain the site on a daily basis, and share state-specific updates with the HOWL network (so it will be distributed to the rest of the HOWL sites). The only page you are required to maintain under instructions from the HOWLcolorado administrators will be your HOWLnetwork page. This would include updating and adding the links to the other HOWL sites.

Marketing strategies for little or no cost will be shared as an ongoing push to make HOWL sites visible, and effective as a form of educating the public.

Once the network is large enough, we will ask for volunteers to approach national strategies, such as getting our sites in to College newspapers, or on radio, or on TV.

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