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Idaho mulling paid trappers to manage wolf numbers

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho wildlife officials are considering paying private trappers to kill wolves roaming in specific hunting zones where wolves have had a significant impact on elk populations.
The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is mulling several different ideas for using fewer than a dozen proven trappers as way to more affordably and effectively manage and reduce wolf numbers in three northern hunting zones. Continue reading

Advocates, Scientists mourn loss of 832F; Montana ends hunts at Yellowstone border

HOWLColorado received news of the death of 832F, perhaps the most famous of all of Yellowstone’s remaining wolves, last Saturday via an email from a devastated advocate. The news was both saddening, and yet inevitable. Continue reading

Editorial: Open season on wolves

In Montana and Idaho in 2009, gray wolves were prematurely removed from the federal endangered species list. The decision left these magnificent predators subject to state management plans that were crafted to satisfy hunters and ranchers rather than to protect wolves. Continue reading

Trapped Idaho Wolf Tortured Before Killing

BOISE, Idaho— The Center for Biological Diversity sent letters to both the Forest Service and Idaho Attorney General, Lawrence Wasden, today requesting investigations into the actions of a Forest Service employee, Josh Bransford, who posted photos of a wolf he had trapped in northern Idaho that had been maliciously and non-fatally shot by people who spotted the animal from a nearby road.

“A year ago, that wolf was protected as a member of an endangered species, but last month he was trapped, tortured and killed thanks to an underhanded congressional rider that’s also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of other wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains,” said the Center’s Michael Robinson. “A lack of respect for the balance of nature is leading to a war on wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains.” Continue reading

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