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Montana FWP plan to maintain current course on wolf hunts

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks will ask for no changes to their hunting and trapping season regulations, a move which indicates satisfaction with the drop in the state’s wolf population.

Montana FWP have, in recent years, adjusted the various quotas and hunting seasons, which have resulted in the state’s populate being dropped – seemingly permanently – by at least 15 percent.

One hundred more wolves – above and beyond the hunting and trapping quotas – is the proposed limit of wolves that landowners are allowed to kill due to presenting a “potential” threat – which would match previous years.

Montana, perhaps the most moderate of the northern rockies states, has often proven to be the most receptive to their wolf population – putting neighbors Idaho and Wyoming to shame. But they are not by any means perfect.

HOWLColorado strongly believes that the population of wolves is being held dangerously low for genetic diversity and the long-term health of the wolf population. However, it is promising that Montana continues to demonstrate an honest desire to find a middle ground between the needs of the wolf populations and fending off the attacks of special interests.

While some would consider this “status quo” to be an ending point, we and other wolf advocates can see it as a starting point from which to focus our attentions on Wyoming and Idaho.

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