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Michigan voters rejected two statewide wolf hunting ballot proposals.

SHELBYVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) – Voters will tackle the issue of wolf hunting Tuesday. Proposal 14-1 asks voters whether there should be an annual wolf hunting season in Michigan.

Washington drivers who pay extra for personalized license plates on their vehicles play a big role in managing wolves.

Time was when deer management had no rival as the most controversial realm of Wisconsin wildlife management.

The chase is on to identify the “wolflike animal” that’s been spotted multiple times recently near the Grand Canyon’s North Rim.

John Burch spent 20 years studying a family of 11 wolves. Then one day last winter, the entire pack was shot dead.

Three years into Wisconsin’s wolf hunting/trapping season, we’ve learned at least three things: It’s mostly a trapping season, it opens too early and it’s a fast-paced competition to get a wolf quickly enough to beat a season closure in four of the six management zones.

Congressional action appears to offer Wyoming its best chance at regaining state management of wolves, Gov. Matt Mead said Thursday.

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