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Protection for Wolves Is Restored in Wyoming

WASHINGTON, D.C.(NY Times) — A federal judge restored Endangered Species Act protection for wolves in Wyoming on Tuesday, ruling that the federal Fish and Wildlife Service accepted a state commitment to maintain the wolf population without requiring adequate safeguards.

The state’s wolf-management plan declared the wolf a trophy-game animal, allowing seasonal hunting in some areas, and labeled it a predator that could be shot in four-fifths of the state.

In United States District Court in Washington, Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the wildlife service’s judgment that the wolf was no longer imperiled in much of its range was reasonable. She also deferred to the wildlife service’s judgment that the wolf was not unduly threatened by Wyoming’s decision to brand it a predator, noting that its numbers were small or nonexistent in much of the area covered by that designation. But she said that the state’s management plan was inadequate and unenforceable and that federal officials were “arbitrary and capricious” in accepting it…

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