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Toby Bridges at it again: Facebook claim of running down 2 wolves

We, in the wolf advocacy world, are very familiar with who Toby Bridges is – he’s the founder of the horrifying site:

Bridges is up to his wolf-hating ways, and doing so on the edge of legality, something he’s also quite well known for.

Bridges claims to have run over two wolves on the border of Montana and Idaho using his wife’s vehicle, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials are investigating if there is anyway to pursue legal action against Bridges since it’s illegal to intentionally run over animals in Montana. It seems he will, most likely, escape charges since there is no physical evidence to support his claim – just photos and descriptions.

He posted the pictures of the dead wolves on facebook and has since garnered national attention, both for the images and the bloodthirsty claims – which most assuredly was his goal.

The one reason that we continue to follow Bridges is that he represents well the anti-wolf movement and the more people who know what he and his supporters are, the better it is for wolves.

Bridges uses his site for many things, including telling people how to kill wolves without getting caught, if you were to want to break the law – that is.

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