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Michigan lawmakers look to pass pro-wolf hunt bill

Lansing — Michigan lawmakers on Wednesday are expected to pass a law to keep intact the state’s power to allow wolf hunts, overriding two referendums on the November ballot backed by groups that oppose hunting the once-endangered animal.

The pending move not only is sparking debate over whether a wolf hunt should be held for the second straight year. It also is reviving questions over the extent to which the Republican-controlled Legislature should interfere with issues headed to a statewide vote.

In May, legislators approved a minimum wage increase to head off a ballot initiative that would have raised the hourly minimum more, particularly for tipped employees. Election officials later ruled that proponents had not collected enough valid petition signatures regardless…

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Who needs to worry about the diplomatic process. Even when wolves start to get public support, the special interests encourage politicians to go around the people and implement plans for the ranchers, hunters and other small, but vocal minorities.

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