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“Wolf Control Board” makes Idaho center of the wolf advocacy fight

Defenders of Wildlife and other groups are focused intently on Idaho after the “wolf control board,” a delicately named wolf death panel takes shape in America’s most anti-wolf state.

A panel of hunters, rangers and political hacks will be deciding how to spend $400,000 a year on the sole purpose of murdering a vast majority of Idaho’s wolves.

This is the final realization of Gov. “Butch” Otter’s singular anti-wolf goals. Otter has been a vocal opponent of wolves and their supporters, and has chosen to use his political capitol to push through these plans, in spite of a general disapproval of not just national observers, but objective hunters and outdoorsmen in his own state.

Representatives that would be more sympathetic to wolves have been excluded from the death panel (the native Americans have been excluded entirely, for example).

Otter has been using anti-government sentiment powered by the incredibly divisive politic environment to engender support for killing wolves. Essentially making them scapegoats for the hatred-filled anger pointed at notable federal officials.

“Butch” Otter is a republican and whipping up political hatred towards the federal politicians serves not only his goal of killing off wolves, but also helps cement him as a small-government, anti-Obama politician, which plays well in the red state.

Wolves are paying the price of being political tools and that is unlikely to change in the near future.

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