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OR-7 journey to find love appears to have ended successfully

National Geographic Young Explorer Jay Simpson is part of the Wolf OR-7 Expedition, a 1,200-mile adventure in the tracks of a wolf. Using an estimated GPS track of the lone Wolf OR-7, the team will mountain bike and hike across Oregon and Northern California. Their aim is to raise awareness of local strategies that make on-the-ground strides toward human and wolf coexistence in the region.

We couldn’t have more exciting news at the launch of our expedition—the famous wandering lone wolf is alone no more—as we begin our journey across Oregon and Northern California. It provides a whole new list of questions to carry with us as we begin our journey by trekking into the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa mountains.

“It’s an exciting turn of events in the story of Wolf OR-7, and underlines the question of what ecological and social changes can we expect, if any, with the westward return of wolves,” comments David Moskowitz, wildlife specialist and expedition team member…

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