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Mexican Wolf-livestock payment application deadline extended

The Mexican Wolf/Livestock Coexistence Council is extending the deadline for livestock producers to submit applications to receive payments for wolf presence under the Mexican Wolf/Livestock Coexistence Plan.

The previous May 1 deadline has been extended to June 2 to accommodate additional livestock producers desiring to apply.

The Coexistence Plan, announced in March 2014, has three core strategies: payments for wolf presence, funding for conflict avoidance measures, and funding for depredation compensation.

A majority of Mexican wolf program territory is located in the Blue Range Wilderness Area of the Apache National Forest in northern Greenlee County. The program remains highly controversial among may Greenlee residents, particularly among cattle growers and the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors. While the Greenlee board has signed on to the Coexistence plan that includes 28 various government agencies and other entities, it has done so reluctantly.

Greenlee’s supervisors and local livestock producers have strongly voiced their opposition to the program since its inception in the late 1990s. Greenlee’s and other boards of county supervisors in counties directly affected by the wolf program appear to, at least some degree, have raised a white flag of surrender to the program…

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