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Wolves continue to struggle on Isle Royale

The news for the wolves of Isle Royale, the longest running study of it’s kind, is not good. The researchers talk to local ABC station about their recently released annual report.

Last week, researchers from Isle Royale released their annual Wolf–Moose study and the news is grim for the wolf population.

ABC 10 Keweenaw Bureau reporter Sam Ali spoke with two of the top researchers to get the details on one of the longest research project studies in the world.

In its 56th year, Isle Royale’s wolf-moose study looks at the relationship between two of the more prominent species on the island. Researchers from Michigan Tech say over the past three years, they’ve tallied the lowest number of wolves ever…

Read the entire article and watch the video on Wolf-moose relationship studied on Isle Royale

Want to read the full report for yourself?

2013 Isle Royale annual report (PDF)

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