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The Mexican gray wolf population is continuing to stabilize with the recent releases of two pairs in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area in the Gila and Apache National Forests.

PHOENIX— The Arizona Game and Fish Commission unanimously endorsed a plan this week that will make it vastly easier to kill endangered Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico and arbitrarily caps the number of wolves in both states at 300, allowing for a number as low as 125. Significantly, the commission also recommends […]

Combining two sperm donors at Brookfield Zoo, cutting-edge science and nature’s tried-and-true reproductive methods, zoologists are fighting to save the wolves.

Montana’s wolf population is holding steady, only increasing by two over 2012 numbers, but live stock predations drop by more than 25 percent over the same time period.

PHOENIX — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department released a pair of Mexican wolves Thursday and plan to release another pair next week into the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area of Arizona.

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