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Hayes: Wolves make for good business

When John Hayes started studying taxidermy he didn’t think it one day would be his livelihood.

After stints with logging, working at sawmills and time in the forests, Hayes came back to what he loves, recreating wildlife art.

In 2010, he bought Dumont Taxidermy, and hasn’t given a return to the forests another thought — at least not for logging. All total, he’s been doing taxidermy for 21 years.

Like most taxidermists, his desire of preserving nature stems from his love of wildlife and game he pursued during those hunts…

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Hayes says later in this article that wolves really are beautiful animals. More so, in my opinion, if they are alive. This article is an interesting view in to the mind of a taxidermist who apparently sees beauty in animals, but seemingly only when they are dead.

Wolves are, though, good for business. Not just for taxidermists who make trophies out of America’s apex predator, but also for the industries that surround Yellowstone and the tourism that orbits the world of wolf watching.

Shooting a wolf with a camera lens generates a lot of revenue for the states that have wolves and wolf tours. The amount is debated of course, as is everything surrounding wolves, but the Sierra Club suggests that some $35M dollars are attributable to tourists SPECIFICALLY wanting to see, listen to or photograph wolves.

Money is also the driving motive for both pro and anti-wolf organizations that use wolves as fundraising tools. Ranchers have been known to kill their sick cattle, drag them to wolf areas for postmortem predation so that they can claim compensation (something only available due to wolf predation).

Money is behind all things and yes, one thing is very clear – wolves are indeed good business.

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