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Michigan wolf hunt’s body count exceeds 20

Officials say that through December 8th, at least 20 wolves have been killed by hunters in Michigan’s first wolf hunt in many years. 

The first Michigan wolf hunt in close to 4 decades started November 15th and will run until the end of December, or until 43 wolves are dead, whichever comes first.

43 wolves represents 6 percent of the estimated 658 population. While this may seem like a small number, and even moderate Americans who oppose hunting might find such a number bearable, it is, however, another devastating blow to the overall national population of wolves which are still recovering from near extinction.

With many seasons still open, hunters have already killed 568 wolves, which is 10.5 percent of the estimated national population!

Another 23 wolves is yet another straw on the back of the proverbial camel.



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