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Hunter who shot malamute, saying he thought it was a wolf, will face no criminal charges

HELENA, Mont. — Layne Spence went out into the woods west of Missoula on a Sunday afternoon to do what he loves to do best: recreate in Montana’s outdoors with his three beloved malamutes.

Spence, an avid outdoorsman, drove to the Lolo National Forest’s Lee Creek campground, an area the agency touts on its website for its “winter recreation opportunities such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.”

The area also is popular with hunters and trappers.

Spence parked his truck, turned on his dogs’ lighted collars, clipped into his cross-country skis and set off down the snow-covered forest road.

Within minutes of starting out on his trek with his dogs Rex, Frank and Little Dave, Spence said he heard a gunshot from up ahead. Spence said he looked up just as Little Dave’s hind leg was struck by a bullet. Spence said a man, dressed mostly in camouflage, was standing on the road approximately 30 yards ahead of him and was aiming a semiautomatic assault rifle in his direction…

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So, lesson to be learned. Hunters are more important than anyone else in Montana. Remember, you don’t have to visit a state to support it’s economy – Buy Colorado proud produce, pay attention to the home of companies and the origin of produce in order to make certain none of your dollars go to Montana or any other state that supports wolf hunting and dog killing.

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