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Michigan hunters kill six wolves across the Upper Peninsula

Since the hunting season began in Michigan, on Nov. 15th, hunters have claimed the lives of 6 wolves.

MACKINAC COUNTY (AP) — Six wolves have been killed so far during the wolf hunting season in the Upper Peninsula.

The Department of Natural Resources released the latest information Monday morning on the number of wolves killed since November 15, which was opening day.

The Department of Natural Resources created the three Wolf Management Units around areas of chronic wolf-human conflict…

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The one question that leaps out from this article is the question that isn’t answered. What is the chronic wolf-human conflict they are referring to?

One supposes this is referencing wolf-livestock conflict more so than a wolf-human conflict – we will do more research to find if there are specific reports that were used to define the three hunting areas and what the wolf-human conflict is that they are referring to.

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